The Importance of that little ‘O’ ring

Recently, I have been dealing with a continual problem with my steering wheel in my well-used Mercedes ML320.  I purposefully mention the make/model of my vehicle for this reason – they are EXTREMELY well made machines.  Mine has 275,000 miles, and is just getting started.

However, the rack & pinion needed replaced ( I believe from road damage ) as well as the power steering pump and reservoir.  Those components cost almost as much as the vehicle is worth, but Julie and I felt it was worth the expense to keep this mini-tank on the road and serving us and our family.

So, that $2500 spent, and what do I see when I get up in the morning?  ALL the fluid on the driveway.  Hmmm.  Call the shop that worked on it, and they said bring it in.  Cant seem to see where its leaking.  Fill it up and head to the office.  What do I see when I leave in the afternoon – a HUGE puddle of fluid under my truck.  

Come to find out, the ‘o’ ring between the pump and the reservoir was a little bit off.  All it took was a ‘good ‘o’ ring’ to fix the problem.  Cost: $0.05.  That nickle part kept the ENTIRE machine from working the way it was designed.  That nickle part, not aligned properly in its seat leaked the entire contents of the power steering system out.  That nickle part was as important, even more important, than the rest of the components in the sole function it was designed to do: keep the fluid IN the system.

Application for Everyone:  The little ‘o’ ring at the top of your spine has only one function – to keep your head straight on your body.  With that working properly, everything else can do its job.

Application for Chiropractors:  You may have a well oiled machine, the best in the business, but you are leaking out your life-blood because you have a faulty ‘o’rientation.  Fix that, and you begin to keep all those people in your system so that they get the maximum benefit of what you have to offer – LIFE expression to the fullest.


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