Looking Forward to 2014

It occurs to me…

Once upon a time I had a dream.  To be a small town doc, taking care of families for fair and reasonable fees.  For chickens, canned goods, and pies.  That dream has been fulfilled.  Tonight, we had chicken.  Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have been paid in canned goods, pies, cookies, bread, office supplies, and even a motorcycle.  I have been the ‘go to guy’ for families in Rossville.  And it IS good.

Now that that dream has been filled, what do I do now? The quick and easy answer is – start on the next one.

I have always seen my hand in raising up the next generation of chiropractors by giving them a place to learn and grow into the servants we all NEED to be.  The next step was blessed tonight at our Stewardship meeting by many of our key practice members.

I will begin the process of opening up another location to prepare the way for additional Chiropractors to grow into what I believe is the salvation of our nation’s health and wealth – competent, consistent, lifetime Chiropractic care from birth through the century of life and up until the grave.  All of this in an affordable, sustainable and logical model of delivery known as the membership practice.

And continue to serve where God has and is blessing me and my family.

Stay tuned…..

pureCHIROnow is staged and ready for for launch…..


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