The Weekend of August 4 2013

I contemplated changing the name of this post, as it may just look like a time-stamp.  However, what occurred on my travels and at conference this weekend are much more profound and important.  And yet, just a stepping stone on the road.

On Wednesday, I got to spend a lot of time on the campus of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC.  [I have adopted Sherman as my alma mater, as Logan has gone a different – much more allopathic/medical – direction.]  I had a primary reason and several secondary reasons to visit Sherman.  The primary, and obvious one, was to get more information on their note taking/subluxation determining procedure so I could tweak pureCHIROnotes for their use.  Got that done.  The secondary reasons: check out the campus for DCs-to-be and get a better feel for the energy that IS there; visit some local DCs that I know and love; and just prepare for a wonderful seminar in Atlanta.  To my surprise and thrill, I was asked to speak to brand new (in their 4th week of training) students.  I spent an hour talking about my story – the story YOU helped create – and my journey – the one YOU are helping me through.  It was glorious to share.

On Thursday, the seminar started with a special session on checking and adjusting babies (interesting, as I started writing this paragraph, a 4 1/2 week old interrupted my writing … from Washington state … to be a new client).  Wonderful time learning and reinforcing what I had already known, and already do.

The rest of the weekend was one of those events that I could spend reams of paper writing about and still not even touch what it was about – as words could never describe what was going on as we gathered as dedicated, serving, sharing, giving, loving Chiropractors.  I made deep, sincere connections with people I had never met before – in an instant.  I got to know heroes (silent as they are) in my profession.  I got to spend valuable time with Chiropractors that are blazing the trail I am on.

AND, then they asked me to share for 45 minutes from the stage.  WOW, what an honor.  The names [notable inside and out of my profession] that have been there on that stage is impressive, and they chose me to be part of that list.  And since it was Sunday, we all got a little bit of scripture 😉

Thank you, God, for blessing me abundantly in all these way.  Thank you, God for using me to point towards your Son.  Thank you.

Now, enough of this keyboard stuff — time to serve!!!


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