September 22, 2012 – chiropracTIC and chiropracTORs

it occurs to me that you may not know this –


  • concerns itself mainly with the transfer of information from Innate through the nervous system to the body
  • concerns itself with finding and assisting the body in removing interference in that communication
  • concerns itself with allowing ‘innate’ intelligence in every living human to express itself fully as intended
  • does NOT concern itself with pain, symptoms, diagnosis or treatment


  • concern themselves with the client/patient/practice member
  • concern themselves with compassion, empathy and dogged determination on behalf of their client
  • choose to see the person in front of them as a person, working together as a whole, full of life that is in need of full expression
  • choose vitality thinking – there is something there that makes the whole greater than the bag of parts
  • choose wholistic thinking – that the whole is concerned with each part, and each part is concerned with the whole

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