Spring RVAS Newsletter Article

This is in the SPRING issue of our Volunteer Ambulance Service newsletter – sent to all households in their service area:

‘TIC Talk

By Dwayne A. Hoskins, DC – the Gentle Giant of Chiropractic in Rossville

You all know that our bodies are an AMAZING contraption made up of millions of parts, pieces, processes and systems.

You all know that we are more than just the sum of our parts. They all work together in an awe inspiring symphony of health, wellness, and more importantly – LIFE.

What you may not realize, the nervous system is the conductor of that symphony. As wonderfully simple as that sounds, all it is really doing, though, is playing the music the Grand Conductor wrote for it.

There were 2 puns in that last paragraph. I will give you a few moments to find them.

What has THAT got to do with this newsletter? My answer – EVERYTHING.

If you focus just on the trumpets at a symphony, you miss the flutes. If you concentrate on the percussion, you miss the violins. If you only listen for the mistakes, you miss the way the rest of the orchestra picks up, fills in, goes on and eventually washes away that mistake.

Another thing to note (another pun, won’t make you look for that one) is that we usually end up with what we focus on. Our ‘intent’ is what we usually create. When we focus on mistakes, disease and death, we start down a dark and dreary path towards destruction. If our intent is to prevent a negative, we usually end up with that negative anyway – our focus was still on it, so that is what we get.

However, if our intent is to move towards a good outcome – recovering, health, wellness, LIFE – and we focus on that good outcome, we usually end up with that. Don’t get me wrong, stuff happens, sin abounds, and what we may see as ‘good’ may in fact be ‘evil.’ This concept is just a general observation, not a theological exegesis.

So, in this renewing season called ‘spring’, let’s all agree to focus on LIFE, not death, disease or mistakes. You still have a job to do – living your LIFE to its fullest, taking care of your family and your other responsibilities. Focus on LIFE so that you can serve better, best and fully. Not just on your clients or customers, but those people around you that matter, too.

That is what I do with my patients.

In LIFE – DocHoskins


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