New Beginnings – Day 1

I came to New Beginnings Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend mainly to see my friend, Jason Ulsrud of That being accomplished my new objectives in staying are twofold – build on that relationship and get some questions answered.

What questions?  Getting the straight-mixer thing a bit more clarified, what do practicing Chiropractors actually think, why are we doing all the ‘other’ things we do…among a lot of others.

And I have already met and visited with Chiropractic legends Reggie and Irene Gold, and got to meet a Chiro-picker dressed up as B.J.Palmer.  What is a Chiro-picker?  He finds long-lost Chiropractic artifacts thought unrecoverable, or even unknown.  He became famous in Chiropractic by finding the earliest known recordings of B.J.Palmer, the Developer and original Marketer of Chiropractic. Now you know why he was dressed up like him,and not just because it is halloween weekend, either.  These recordings were made on 1931, 25 or so years earlier than any others that were known to exist.  An amazing find.  He even released them to the profession for a very modest fee.


Me & Reggie


Me & “B.J. Palmer”

Another personal Chiropractic ‘hero’ I got to meet was Phil Yamamoto.  Don’t ask me why, but this guy intrigues me.  His no-nonsense approach to Pricipaled Chiropractic is very practical and pragmatic while staying true to the foundation of our philosophy.


Phil Y.

So, that is my report as of the end of day 1.  3 more days to grow…..


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