Is Chiropractic Different After All?

In a word … yes.

The outcome for any legitimate and respectable health-care practitioner is to help the patient get to a better place.  That is the same across the board.

However, the path and the foundational philosophy of why that happens is much much much different.  The Developer of our profession, BJ Palmer, DC, PhC, even called Chiropractic the “only true Revolution in therapeutics in 2 thousand years.”

We know that the main control system of the body is the nervous system.  We know that it maintains balance, coordinates all kinds of functions on all kinds of levels, directs assimilation, and is the mastermind of healing the structures it has control over.  It heals.  It’s design mandates that it does all of that.  We call that design, that mandate to function, Innate Intelligence.

When that system looses control of, or communication with, a structure or system, the functions of that system are left to its auto-pilot backup.  The master control center can no longer coordinate the functioning of that system as well as it could if there was not interference.  We call that interference Subluxation.

Chiropractic, by it very name, is ‘done by hand’.  By hand, we identify, analyze, and eliminate Subluxations.  Because of the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, most primary and significant Subluxations are found in the spinal column.  We also are able to utilize other technologies to embellish what we do by hand, but essentially, Chiropractic is ‘done by hand.’

Therefore, if Subluxation is removed in order for Innate Intelligence to function as it is designed to do, communication between the control system and the affected system is restored.  Proper function is then restored, either immediately or over time, and coordination with other systems can commence.

All other health-care systems focus on the symptoms of disease.  That is their philosophy.  The tumor is not the cause, it is a symptom.  The infection is not the cause, it is a symptom.  The pain is not the problem it is a symptom of a something that is in itself a symptom.  The symptoms sometime need immediate attention, that is not the argument.

If you are a bit confused, or even upset at this, I truly understand.  Coming to my own comprehension of what I just wrote has taken much heart-wrenching and brain-hurting thought and research.  It all comes down to this:  Western society has been indoctrinated with the ‘traditional medical model’ for millenia.  And, any paradigm shift will cause dis-comfort.

I even submit to you that our current medical care crisis is a direct result (symptom) of only focusing on symptom care.


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