Above-Down and Inside-Out — Principled Chiropractic Fundamental

There are several key words in that title, key concepts that make what Chiropractors do different from other health-care professionals.

I would like to point out that one of the purposes of my writing is to become more clear in what I believe.  Obviously, I also write to hopefully stimulate thinking in whomever happens to read my drivel.


The cornerstone of my life, my existence, of everything I do, is the knowledge that God exists, that He is present, active and interested in everything.  He created EVERYTHING, and is in charge.  He created things with purpose in their design, and intelligence in their function…including me.

Therefore, everything we ‘have’ comes from Him, down to us.  Above-Down.

This, on a more specific Chiropractic level, also applies to the belief that the brain is the control and balance system of the body.  God’s design.  Again, Above-Down, as the brain is at the ‘top’ of the body in us humans.


Within us lies the design and the purpose God placed there to function in certain ways.  Controlling the systems, balancing the body’s functions, dealing with all the stressors we put into and onto and around our persons on a continual basis.

Therefore, that design is expressed from the Inside TO the Outside, from the Design to the Function.  Inside-Out.

On the practical application of this, Chiropractors understand that we do NOTHING to the body.  All we ‘do’ is unrestrict or free up the design to do what it was intended to do.  Any Chiropractor that thinks s/he heals is operating in an Outside-In mode.

Here’s a logical test for you.  If I do the same thing on you as I do on a cadaver, what have I done?  If I have moved a bone (released a joint function, etc.) in you, I have done nothing to affect the healing to take place. All I have done is unrestrict the ‘flow’, uncompromise the communication channels for the control system to do it’s job.   How do I know?  The same exact procedure on the cadaver has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER.  Why?  The control system has left the body.

Analogy:  You have 2 hoses hooked up to the spigot.  There is a big rock on each hose.  I do the SAME procedure on each hose – remove the rock.  What takes place?  The answer depends on if the water was turned on or not.  If the water was on, then water will come out the hose – I only unrestricted the flow, I did NOT CAUSE the flow.  If the water is off, no matter WHAT my methods are, the water will NOT FLOW.

Principled Chiropractic

This is where people get their feelings hurt.  Just calling what I do ‘Principled’ seems to automatically call anyone NOT doing what I do “unprincipled.”  That simply is not the case.  It comes down to the definition of our profession.  There are 33 Principles of Chiropractic that were well defined by our founding fathers of Chiropractic.  If you follow them in your practice, in your methods, in your techniques, it really does not matter WHAT you do, what matters is what you think is going on, which will affect you in unmeasurable ways.


This little discourse was very helpful to me to put down on ePaper.  I hope that you found something that will help you out on your thinking, no matter what you do, where you do it, or why you do it.

I leave you with this:

What is your stated Principle?  Are you ACTING on it or just SPOUTING it?  Are you Hearers of the Word or Doers?

Carry on 😉


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