What’s in an Adjustment?

Basically, the Adjustment is the method used by the Chiropractor to remove/release the Subluxation.

The question is a bit bigger than that.

One of my thoughts recently is about the double-blind studies that seem to be used ‘against’ Chiropractors. My usual answer is one word: Parachutes.

A bit deeper: If 100 different Chiropractors, those that Adjust and remove Subluxation that is, looked at the same exact patient at the same exact time, they would ALL see the presence of Subluxation. They would also, more than likely, each have their own method of removing/releasing the Subluxation. They would all have their personality, confidence, technique, experience, and a ton of other things in the mix. Chances are, each and every one of those Chiropractors would, given the chance, be successful in removing Subluxation from the client/patient.

Some would chose to attack the level where Subluxation presents itself most dramatically. Some would Adjust the top. Some would Adjust the bottom. Some would use tools, some would not.

I am beginning to think that Subluxation is not segmental, but a status. We either have Subluxation present in whatever degree, or we are Subluxation free. We would not necessarily have a C1-C2 Subluxation and a T3-T4 Subluxation and a Rib Subluxation, and a Pelvic Subluxation, and a Calcaneal Subluxation. We would have Subluxation. Period. When the Chiropractor does what s/he does best – Adjust the patient – the Subluxation is reduced in intensity, position, severity and impact.

Therefore, the Adjustment takes on more than just “find the level(s) of Subluxation(s), fix it and leave it alone.” It could mean “find Subluxation, remove the client/patient away from that status, leave them there to come back next time and take them to an even better place.”

I am convinced that Chiropractic care and removal/release of Subluxation is not only an event, but a life-long process.

Anyway, as Yamamoto says ‘that and a buck will get you a cup of coffee at 7-11, IF you bring your own cup.’


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