My Commitment to Principled Chiropractic

Principled Chiropractic – removing subluxations and that alone.  Not technique dependent.  Not technology dependent.  Focus and Philosophy dependent, definitely.

Me – no credit, I’m just the tool being used.  Above-Down, Inside-Out.  NOT Outside-In.  From the Inside.  God’s built-in design for healing at work, uninhibited healing energy flowing again.

Me – do my job, get out of the way.  My job – identify and remove subluxations …. PERIOD.

So, why am I in the process of adding a Massage Therapist to the office team?    Simple.  I have extra space, and she provides a service that is valued by my community, and my market.  She also will be paying rent 😉

So, why do I take x-rays?  When I determine that there is sufficient reason to see structure and alignment, I have that tool available to me.  Some clients, or practice members, have been conditioned by our profession’s past that they are needed.  Sometimes seeing the structural changes affects my method of doing what I do – which is removing the subluxation.

Me?  “Give me a spine, yo I’ll adjust it. Check out that disc while this DC adjusts it.”  Find it.  Fix it.  Leave it alone.

Put me on a deserted island, with a 100 people, and eventually they would all know what an adjustment is, what it does, and why they need it.

Put me in a town of 1500, and eventually they will know what an adjustment is, what it does (and what is does NOT do), and why they need it.

I do Principled Chiropractic.


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