Principled Chiropractic

What exactly does that mean?  Principled Chiropractic – don’t all DC’s practice Principled Chiropractic?

Yes ….. and no.

Yes:   We ALL do everything according to a set of  ‘principles’ that we have.  The key is where or what are those principles grounded on? Experience? Feelings? Non-Confrontationalism (me thinks I just made up another word)? Science? Philosophy? or TRUTH?

If you know me, you know that I work hard to base EVERYTHING I do on The Truth … God’s Word, the Bible.  If it doesn’t fit there, I don’t want it.  Am I perfect?  {not even gonna answer that one}

After that filter I try to base all my actions and thinking on a sound philosophy…guiding principles under the umbrella of Truth.  For me, and this post, it is Chiropractic.

Chiropractic, at it’s very base, believes that “the Power that made the body, heals the body.”  More precisely (to put it in terms of Truth), “God designed the body to have the power and ability to heal and balance itself”…basic physiology, neurology, and anatomy.  Unfortunately, sin caused this perfect plan to be tainted and disease and death entered into the picture.

What do I do with this Truth and philosophy?  I practice Chiropractic on my patients, my clients, my ‘family.’  I help remove interferences to that system God designed.  If the control system works well, without interference, the other systems (all the ones it controls, which happens to be ALL of them) work as well as they can in the world we live in.

The Allopathic (western medical) model of thinking would then ask: “What conditions do you treat?”  Fundamentally, the very premise of that question does not fit at all in my way of thinking, the basis of  Chiropractic.  We don’t treat anything. Period.  Any DC that believes that they do, are misguided and have lost their footing.

“Who do I treat” is a more betterer question (sorry, couldn’t resist).  I treat a person.  I take care of a person, not in part but the whole.  I rid their body of subluxations, those interferences we mentioned above, so that their Innate (what we call that God designed healing and balancing ability) takes over uninhibited.  Principled Chiropractic never presumes to think we are forcing the body to do things it was not designed to do, or has lost the capacity to do.  We only, ever, remove road blocks so the healing can get back on the road to where it was headed in the first place.

A good analogy (no, not perfect) for those of you who are familiar with Biblical Counselling is, well, Biblical/Nouthetic Counselling.  What that does, in a nut shell, it remove all the mental and emotional road blocks that we have put in place so that we can have as good a communication with God as we can.  It gets us back on track to fulfilling our purpose for being – glorifying God in all that we do.

So, that all being said (or written), Principled Chiropractic is simply removing the road blocks to God’s Design of healing and balance in the body.  Now, really, what better Boss is there?


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