My Job as A Chiropractor – My Fitness

This post comes after I had a talk with my son, who is serving us in the Air Force.

He was expressing his dismay that the Air Force wants him to be in top physical shape, and that they actually would test him on his status on a regular basis.  We know that as a PT – Physical Test.  After listening to him, and talking him through the situation, I counseled him that he needed to treat the physical fitness requirements that the AF has on him as part of his job.  If he doesn’t pass the PT’s, he no longer has a job.  Therefore, “it must become part of your job, son” was my closing argument.

Being in the contemplative state of mind one gets into this time of year, I said to myself “self … YOUR fitness is part of YOUR job too.  If you promote health and wellness and can’t even walk a mile, YOU SUCK at reinforcing your brand!  Make it part of YOUR job … TODAY.”

The good part about this second conversation was that I already had started a program of life style change that is necessary to become more and more healthy, day by day.  I just had not made it as important to me as ‘part of my job’ makes it.

That has now changed.




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