Stewardship of Chiropractic

Stewardship – managing someone else’s stuff for them.

In Biblical Stewardship, there are 4 distinct steps to understand:

  1. God owns everything, I own nothing
  2. He has entrusted everything I have to me
  3. I can choose to increase or decrease what He has given to me, and He wants me to increase it
  4. I can be called into account at any time, even today

Now, lets apply these basic principles to Chiropractic, or whatever profession you have.

Do you ‘own’ Chiropractic?  Did you create it?  No, you (and I) have been entrusted with it, both as a giver, and a receiver of this wonderful profession and all its benefits.  If we begin to understand that, and live our practice with that basic fundamental down pat, how much better will be be at giving it away?  How much better will we be at Stewarding this gift?

What are we doing to ‘increase’ Chiropractic?  Is it only getting more new patients?  Is it only getting a higher PVA?  Is it only getting more numbers … for ourselves?  I believe the bigger picture, to take Chiropractic to the next level is to begin taking the focus off ourselves, and put it on the next generation of Chiropractors, and on each other.  If we get outside ourselves, all of us, Chiropractic has no choice but to grow.  If we stay focused on us … well, we usually only get what we aim at.  Are we sharing what we have experienced in Chiropractic with other DCs?  Are we sharing our failures as well as bragging on our successes?  Are we allowing some level of vulnerability and access to our history so that others can learn and grow?  Are we taking advantage of opportunities others have afforded us to look into their history?

I hope that I have gotten over the arrogant pride I had in my first practice.  I knew everything and no one else knew anything.  I was the exception.  I was exempt from the rules…no, I was ABOVE the rules. (see post I Am NOT the Exception)

I am thankful for the time God has given me to extrude that awful stuff out of my system, and reduce the knowledge down to understanding that I really don’t know, that I really don’t even have a clue.  All I have to do is do what I know, and realize I am just a tool in a grander scheme.

How do I keep my humbleness, my humility?  How do I work on my meekness?  I need to practice #4.  I need to find people to hold me accountable, people that I can trust, people that have Chiropractic and my best interests at heart.  They must have unfettered access into the truth of me and my practice.  They must be trusted explicitly.  They must be able to cut me to the quick without me turning on them.  I must allow them to have access to me.

  • I have a local mentor, a good friend, and someone that I admire that I spend weekly time with.  I go to seminars he chooses with him, and I enjoy him and his family.
  • I have my father-in-law that I rely on for some business advice.  I share reports with him weekly.
  • I have Don Connelly to keep my dreams in check at times.  He is working on a project call The Entrepreneurial Recipe Online, and I highly recommend you looking at it.
  • I have a larger mentor group that I am becoming more integrated with – RockStar Chiropractic and the RockStar Chiropractic Project.  Part of what Jason is putting together that intrigues me so much are basically “accountability round-tables” for Chiropractors.  Venues to share, cajol, encourage, reprimand, instruct and learn from each other.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, I have my wife.  Someone who knows me better than anyone else on the face of this earth, even better than I know myself.  I used to exclude her from this group because of my shame and embarrassment.  I include her now because I see the wisdom in encouraging her to critique me, and to give me direction based on her unique insight into me and life.

To wrap this up.  Are we really Stewards of Chiropractic, or are we stealing it to use for ourselves?  If you don’t have accountability to anyone, by definition, you are NOT a steward.


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