The SECRET to Weight Loss, part 2

If you haven’t seen the article “Twinkie Diet Helps Professor Lose 27 Pounds (” you should read it.  When you are done, come back here for my ‘take’ on the ‘study.’  Go ahead.  I’ll be here when you are done.

As I stated in my previous post “The Secret to Weight Loss” there is MATH in the secret.  All the professor did was prove that the MATH of weight loss works.  The science and health of weight loss was NOT even part of his ‘study.’  It is a known fact, and common sense, that the body takes the food we eat and breaks it down into parts it can use.   Literally, we ARE what we EAT.

Things you MUST remember when trying to lose weight:

  • it must become a lifestyle not a temporary set of events
  • it must contain healthy and healthful foods so that your body can repair the damage done, and can handle the weight loss process properly
  • it must NOT trigger your ‘starvation mechanism’
  • it must leave you in a better position health-wise than before you started.

So, don’t be a ‘DingDong©’ in dieting.  Do it right.  Ask for help.


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