The Flu

Big news every year is the seasonal flu ‘outbreaks’ and the flu vaccine that is waiting at every corner for you to purchase and have injected into your body.

“The best Offense is a good Defense.”  This is not just for football, basketball, baseball or soccer. It is good advice for health, too.

Did you know that your body has all kinds of ‘bad’ bugs on it all the time? Did you know that everyone is exposed to the same flu viruses? Why, then, do some get sick, and others don’t? Why, then, aren’t you ‘sick’ all the time?

The answer is your ‘Defense.’ Your immune system.

Can you name the parts of your immune system? Most people, even doctors, cannot.  The skin, the lungs, the linings of your mouth, nose and other openings, your gut all are the first lines of defense. Your other immune system parts are there if any bad things get past the front line. You have probably heard of white blood cells, platelets and the like.  Those are the secondary defensive line — the tough Urlacher and Sanders kind of defensive players.

So, how can you stay healthy?  You have to feed the immune system and keep it in top shape.  You have to remove other stresses in your system that are robbing your body of resources to heal and store up ammunition for the fight.  You must feed your body good food (food you probably don’t like, or take whole-food supplements) and get it ready for the game.

How good would the game be if Urlacher or Sanders were tweeting while the game was going on?  Or if they were distracted by something on the sidelines or in the bleachers?  How about if they weren’t even in the game because they were injured? Yeah, seen that haven’t we.  Not a good way to run a defense.  Not a good way to run an immune system, either.

Another thing your defense (and offense for that matter) need is an intact communication and control system.  If the messages get confused, delayed, scrambled, or derailed, then your immune system cannot function properly.  Removal of subluxations is a key component of true health and wellness care, and of sickness prevention.

The entire purpose of the defense is to prevent the intruders from scoring, from getting into the end-zone.  That is their job description.  Their secondary purpose is to get the ball back, so that the offense can start kickin’ the intruders out of the stadium. And once your Defense has gotten control of the game, the Offense can come in and totally destroy the invaders, kinda like the Packers did to the Cowboys on November 7, 2010.

Did I get your attention?  You don’t get the flu from the bugs, and you don’t prevent the flu by injections.  You can ONLY, ever stay healthy with a non-compromised, well-fed and ready immune system in place, ready to play the game, ready to win.

Your Chiropractor can help, has advice, has recommendations, and understands what I just told you.  Ask them.

More information : – Flu

If you don’t have a Chiropractor, and would like more information, give me a call or email, set up a free consultation, and lets get the game plan in place.

Dwayne A. Hoskins, DC
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3 thoughts on “The Flu

    • I do NOT recommend the flu shot for ANYONE. It makes no medical, scientific or rational sense. AND, there are way too many ‘other’ components in the injection. Asthma can possibly be made worse from the after-effects of getting the flu vaccination. These are MY recommendations, and each and every one has to make their own decision for themselves and their family. As for me and my household … NO WAY. is a great resource, FROM MDs, on Vaccinations.

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