Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by any number of issues.  Mostly, we have found that when your neck hurts, sometime in your past you had some event that caused the joints in the spine to lock up.  This could be something as forgettable as bumping your head on a cabinet door, or running into a door frame at 2 am.  It could also be the time you fell out of a tree when you were 14 and didn’t tell anyone because you were afraid of the laughter.  It could also be as memorable as a major car accident that left you in the hospital for weeks recovering from other major injuries…your neck pain was just not the top-of-the-list at that time.

Neck pain is one of those things that ALL Americans, ALL people, suffer from at some time in their life.  When you take care of it, and how, will drastically change how the body deals with the problem causing the pain.

If you chose to cover up the pain and just ‘get through it’ you would just be pulling the battery out of the smoke detector…it stops the annoying ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep’ but the fire is still raging.

If you chose to start care and correct the problem, but stop when it feels better, you would be shutting off the sprinkler system before the fire is out.  It will probably flare back up again, and we have found, it will usually be worse.

The best possible choice is to let the care correct the problem.  That is only achieved when your chosen health care professional has objectively determined that, yes, the problem (not just the symptoms) is gone, and you are at a very low likelihood of it ever bothering you again.

Anyway, there you have my experience, training, and professional opinion.

Call or email today to set up your appointment to start your recovery process.  Go to for more information about the clinic, and to find directions.

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