Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is a complaint that over 10% of Americans are dealing with right now, and all Americans will deal with at some point in their lifetime.

It can be as benign as a soreness, achiness or stiffness.  It can also be as in-your-face debilitating as pain, numbness and weakness in your legs and buttocks that prevent you from walking, sitting, standing or even sleeping.

Low Back Pain can be caused by any of the parts of your low back, but usually involves a combination of them.  These parts are the bones, the muscles, the tendons and ligaments, the discs, the blood vessels, and the nerves.

Chiropractors are experts at finding out exactly what is causing Low Back Pain.  Some may choose to use orthopedic and neurologic testing, as well as imaging (x-rays, MRI) to find out what is causing your Low Back Pain.  I use my hands, my mind, and occasionally take x-ray pictures to see if all the parts are where they are supposed to be.  This all depends on the information I receive from you.

Chiropractors are also experts at helping alleviate the Low Back Pain by their chosen style of Chiropractic technique.

I use techniques that allows me to feel the joints moving while the adjustment (or realignment, or treatment) is given.  They are high touch, specific methods of removing subluxations.

Call or email today to set up your appointment to start removing those obstacles to your Health.  Go to http://www.DocHoskins.com for more information about the clinic, and to find directions.

Hoskins Chiropractic
130 Roth Ct, Suite 200
Rossville, IN  46065


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