The Secret to Weight Loss

Are you ready. Here it is.

There is NO SECRET.

Simply put: Eat Smart, Do Something.

Eat Smart

Watch that you don’t put bad stuff in your body. Bad stuff is anything that is over-processed, too high in sugars, or too high in fat. High sugar and High fat are the worst. Up your good protein intake.
Did you notice I didn’t say ‘diet.’ That was on purpose. Our definition of ‘diet’ is not correct. I was raised that a ‘diet’ meant no food, and the food you got was rabbit food and bland. Not good to do to your body.
Suggestion: Eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day. Evenly spaced if you can. Make sure you eat a breakfast, high in protein. Also, don’t forget to drink water, not soda. Coffee is ok, only because I like it.

Do Something

What I mean is do something extra (physically) every day. 20 minutes. Don’t try to walk a mile, if a mile takes you an hour. Walk away from your house 10 minutes, and then walk back. 20 minutes. Everyday. Don’t worry about the distance. Take someone with you and it is a double whammy.


Oh, I forgot to tell you the ‘secret’ to weight loss is math. Calories in must be less than calories out over the course of time for you to lose weight. Nothing more, nothing less secret than that.

Secret Help

I can help you with any or all of this if you want me to.  You can do it yourself.  I am.


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