What is this ‘subluxation’ thing, anyway?

A fundamental question, not only for patients, but for Chiropractors, too.  I mean, it IS what we ‘treat’.

To me, a subluxation is anything that interferes with normal nerve message transmission from the brain (control center), through the spinal cord, along the nerves to the entire rest of the body (action instructions).  It would also include the cranial nerves, but that is splitting neurons.  It also involves the reverse pathways (sensory information).

What could these interferences (aka Subluxations) be?

In the 125 years or so since Chiropractic was born, mostly what we have found to be causing this interference is a vertebral joint not working right.  A bone on a bone in your back isn’t doing its job.  When that joint is not working properly, the tissues around it send signals to the control system which can interfere with other signals coming along the same path.  The interference can be additive, noise, or cancelling.

Additive Interference

In sound, this is called Phase Enhancement.  Techie-speak, I know.  The signals that are coming from your body are enhanced, or amplified, they are altered in a way that makes the control system think more is going on than actually is.  Your skin is more sensitive.  Your brain thinks more insulin is being produced than actually is.  Your control system thinks the bladder is fuller than it actually is. Whatever signal is being amplified makes the control system overreact, causing a potential multitude of problems.

Noise Interference

The signals that have noise interference are usually “lost in the crowd” of the false information being fed to the control system.  Whatever signal is being sent may or may not be heard, may or may not be interpreted correctly, and may just be bouncing around – one minute too sensitive, the next not sensitive enough.  One day too much control system, the next not enough.  Too much adrenaline in this position, not enough in that one.

Cancelling Interference

When a signal is completely offset by interference, no message at all gets to the control system.  It is cancelled out.  The brain then must rely on other information to make decisions on regulating what ever part got its message cancelled.


Yes, this is what we as Chiropractors do.  We have to determine where and what kind of subluxation it is, and then we can determine the best approach for you to solve the problems.  The longer a problem has been there, the longer it usually takes to fix.  Don’t wait.  Call now.

Call or email today to set up your appointment to start your recovery process.  Go to http://www.DocHoskins.com for more information about the clinic, and to find directions.

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