One Patient’s Response to Chiropractic Care

A young patient came to my office seeking relief from a self described migraine headache.  Her mother is a nurse, so when she agreed with the diagnosis, I didn’t question it much further.  She was light and sound sensitive and had some nausea associated with the complaint.

Her examination revealed nothing unexpected, and we commenced to treat after our usual start-up protocol.  Upper cervical spine subluxation, some thoracic scoliotic tendancies, pelvic fixations, muscle spasm and trigger points – totally expected, totally within my comfort zone.  Only administered Chiropractic adjustments, no therapies, no nutritional advice yet.

On her second treatment visit there was some hesitation on answering my questions about ‘how are you doing’ and ‘what is the progress on your complaint.’  They only admitted that she had been sleeping better.

On her third treatment, the truth started to come out.  After 3 years of a daily migraine headache, many thousands of dollars and dozens of doctors (yes, doctors, not doctor visits), the patient had only had 1 migraine headache since the first visit.

On her fifth treatment, more truth came out.  The patient related to me that she had been dealing with a daily menstrual flow for 5 years … daily … 5 years (I typed that twice so you would see it wasn’t a typo).  The mother, in tears, asked me what I did to make it stop.  She had been struggling for 4 weeks to make sense of it … why did Chiropractic take care of a menstruation problem?  She was also furious that it took a chance visit to a DC to solve this problem that they had spent additional thousands of dollars on and dozens of specialists that just threw up their hands and said ‘we don’t have a clue.’

I explained to her that the first visit must have dramatically released a major blockage in this young lady’s control system.  By allowing the nervous system to have unfettered access and control back, balance was restored.  Harmony was encouraged, and the dis-eases, the mal-processes were brought back into harmony with the design of the body.

Do I take credit for this.  NO WAY.  God does not like anyone to take His Glory.  I’m not stepping in the way of that one.

Today, almost 3 months later, the patient has had only 1 migraine since we started care, and her normal cycle has returned.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND:  This is a story about a real life experience.  It is not intended to claim a treatment for anything other than removing blockages of the control system (aka: subluxations).  The body will do what the body can with what the body has available.  The specifics and details have been changed a little bit so that patient confidentiality can be kept.


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