What We Weren’t Taught…

One of the things that became crystal clear to me once I started into practice was the vast amount of things I was NOT taught in under-grad and Chiropractic college.

The most damaging thing I didn’t learn was financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.  Math was fun to me, but really not a priority.  Cash, coin, money were just tools to function in society.  I just never saw a need for P&L’s, Cash Flow Statements (it was flowing fine), and Balance Sheets (no, not the ones you hand out to your patients).

I’m gonna go out on a limb here.  I propose that basic accounting or financial literacy courses be mandatory in high school.  Not your generic home economics course, either.  That’s its own thing.  Financial Literacy.  Think about it.  Where would our country be if just our Congress and Administrative branches of government practiced that.  Where would YOU be if you had been financially literate right out of high school, or even grade school?  I know where I would be … not broke, broken, and climbing out of my self-dug hole.

I’m going to go even further out on the limb.  Hang on.  Those professions that generate large amounts of income, or the potential to, should be made to take an advanced course in financial literacy in their professional college.  Entrepreneurship Education should be the focus, but advanced concepts of corporate entities, business law, insurance, wills, estates, and the like, should be force fed.  In fact, lets force feed this healthy diet to our children, undergrads and professional students instead of some of the junk-food courses they are made to ingest right now.  I will let your mind create that list.

Dream with me a minute or two, if you dare.  If you could go back and just grab those lost dollars along the way, those wasted pennies, dimes, quarters, what would your retirement fund look like?  What would your net worth be?  What kind of college would your kids be going to?  Would you have anything different than you do now?  Would you be doing anything different than you are now?  Would you be any different than you are now?  What kind of philanthropic ventures would you be able to start?  What kind of missions trips could you go on?  How many good and worthy causes could you fund?

OUCH!!!  Let me take the knife out of my own back now.

So, we can’t change the past, we can only affect the future.  What are we going to do?

For Ourselves:

One major major uber strong recommendation is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  Why?  It is the first and only program that I have come across that deals with business owners’ issues.  He doesn’t come at financial freedom or literacy from a “we know what we are going to make this month” mindset.  Really, have you ever known, even to 10% of a guess, what you are going to take home this month?  Dave’s got it.  He can teach it.  He has people in your community to help.

Another option is a project I am working on, or something like it.  A self-study, online course that takes you through business education, financial literacy, entrepreneurship training with business simulations, videos, and interactive scenarios.  One that is tailor made for you, because you make it for yourself.  Check out our progress at www.TheEntrepreneurialRecipe.com.

I am blessed to be mentored by Don Connelly.  Don took me on as a techie for the project, and has adopted me into the program creation.  Don’t tell him, but I am learning so much that he really shouldn’t be paying me!

I am more than blessed in so many ways by my father-in-law Ray Jurinjak.  Ray is a self-made entrepreneur with uncanny business sense and mad dog money management skills.  He took me on as a project a long time ago, and he has suffered because of it, but that is love – giving up what you want for the benefit of another with no expectation of return, ever.  Thanks, Dad.

For Our Children and the Next Generation:

GET THEM TRAINED IN FINANCIAL LITERACY…NOW.  It is never too early (or too late) to start.  The absolute worst thing is to not start at all, and hope they pick it up along the way.

Now then, what have you learned by a bit more of my story?

EVERYONE needs to be financially literate…EVERYONE.  At least that is what I am hoping you got out of it.


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