White Coat? Black Coat? No Coat?

Do we have ‘stethoscope’ envy?  Are we frustrated that we can’t ‘deal drugs’?  Are you really just wearing that to catch whatever we ‘can’t cut out?’

Really.  Come on.  What DO you wear that white coat for?  If it is what you WANT to wear, and you are confident in your answer, then by all means wear it and wear it with pride.

I used to wear one.  In Anatomy Lab.  I tried to wear one in the office I first had – didn’t like it.  Didn’t like what it said to the patients.  Didn’t like what it said to the staff.

I am NOT a frustrated medico-chiropractor-ologist.  I am proud of what I do.  I am confident in Chiropractic.  I am casual, I am personable, I am warm, I am inviting.  I want my patients to talk to me as a partner in their health/wellness care.  I do NOT want them to subconsciously sabotage that communication by getting the impression I am some lab tech, or some medical practitioner looking at one specific sign or symptom.  I have enough to overcome because of my stature/size.

If you are your brand, and what you wear reflects who you are…why are you STILL wearing that white coat?

If you have a valid reason, good on you.  If you don’t, or you got upset at the question, examine your reason, don’t take it out on me.  Examine yourself.  Examine your view of our great and powerful gift God has given us to practice – Chiropractic.

Then, and only then, if you still want to wear the white coat, then please, wear it with distinction.

Hey, this section IS called Chiropractic Provocations…what did you expect?


2 thoughts on “White Coat? Black Coat? No Coat?

  1. I don’t wear it for me. I wear it for the patients. When a patient sees a white coat, they think “doctor.” When a patient sees me, they know that I am not an insurance salesman, cell phone guy, or personal trainer. I am a doctor. Doctor does NOT mean physician. Doesn’t matter if it means doctor of medicine, optometry, dentistry, etc. I still refer to myself as a chiropractor, not chiro. physician, etc.

    The white coat, whether you believe it or not, lends one credibility. When making a first impression, credibility is key. Whether the patient was referred in, saw an ad, or read your blog, they are skeptical that we are not “real doctors,” so anything that increases credibility is good because it increases their chance of compliance, with in the long run, is good for the PATIENT.

    I respect your decision to not wear a white coat, but I don’t appreciate the fact that you are condescending to those that do, assuming that they have some sort of complex. It is most likely you that has the complex, trying soooo hard to be different. The patient doesn’t care about your personal politics or your need to be different. The patient wants help and when they see a white jacket (there is research behind this) they have more respect for the person it. Don’t blame me for why people are the way they are. It’s just a fact.

    So I wear a white coat, not for me, but for my PATIENTS. Obviously, my demeanor and expertise warrant respect, as well, but why not dress the part of a doctor? Wearing a white coat does NOT make me envious at ALL of MDs. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job and I never cow-tow to the medical establishment, nor do I ever pull any punches when it comes to chiropractic and its amazing benefits. I don’t need my attire to set me apart from a medical doctor. My actions, words, and results do that.

    All in all, I like the stuff you put out and you’re a passionate doc, which I really do appreciate. We’ll just agree to disagree. Best wishes

    • YES !!! A legitimate answer. Thank you for taking the time to post. I did not realize I came across as condescending, but now that you mention it … I do. My apologies. It was not my intent. My intent was, and is, and hopefully always will be, to get us to think about why we do what we do.

      I also recognize I very well could be wrong.

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