Chiropractic and Medicine

Yeah, I’m gonna tackle this one.  Hang with me, and hang on.

First of all, let’s talk about what is common between the two ways of treating the body.  Medicine and Chiropractic both have people as their patients.  Practitioners of both truly only want the best for their patients, and neither really wants to injure or further their patients’ complaints.

Now, that might not seem like much, but that is the core of a ‘real doctor’…patient first, does no harm.

Be warned, my ideas are mine, but you came here to see what I thought, so here goes.

Medicine has seen most of its major leaps in advancement through civilian trauma care and wartime triage and trauma care.  The focus on the treatments has been to prevent death in one form or another that usually was imminent without some intervention.  Most of the true successes in medicine fall into this category.

Chiropractic has seen all of its advancement on a much slower, less intense timeline.  Death is not usually imminent when a patient seeks our care, and we are dealing with a less intense ‘culture’ surrounding the care.

There are obvious exceptions to both general statements.

Here is my premise:  Medicine keeps the patient from dying.  Chiropractic pulls the patient towards health.

Medicine has tools and practices to stop the decay of the body, stop the progression of the disease, to remove the malfunctioning part that will cause death if left alone.  These are ‘safety nets’ that, in my opinion, are VITAL to our society.  If I was in a car accident today, and there was a steering wheel in my chest, please take me to the hospital and have it removed, and please give me a strong sedative so I don’t feel the pain.  THEN, get me to my Chiropractor.

Chiropractic removes blocks on the nervous system – the master control system – that allows the body to improve towards health.  Chiropractors see, because of what we believe, that the entire body is affected, and we look for common obstructions to the nervous system and coach our patients to get rid of them – diet, lack of exercise, stress relief, strengthening, et al.

Medicine also tends to be compartmentalized.  Focusing on what ails the patient.  That fits the safety net approach.  Stop the bad from happening, deal with the other stuff as it happens.

Chiropractic tends to be universal.  Focusing on the patient, and dealing with the stuff before it happens, or as it is happening.  Heading things off that are days, weeks, months, years down the road.

Medicine stands at the edge of the cliff, pushing people back from the edge, stopping their plunge.  Chiropractic is pulling people away from the edge towards health and wellness.

As with any allegory or general statement, I understand that my statements will not apply to ALL MDs or to ALL DCs.  These are my thoughts on the differences, and I hope you saw the similarities between our foundational philosophies.  We all want the best for the patient.  We just go at it different ways.  When DCs stop trying to be MDs and MDs stop trying to be DCs, think how much better HEALTH would be in our society.


2 thoughts on “Chiropractic and Medicine

  1. This post actually is articulating a little bit of what I have been working through with my own spinal care. The spinal fusion I had in ’09 was necessary for a variety of reasons, one of which was spondylolisthesis w/ fracture on the L5 – a reason that I viewed as “mechanical”. In other words, “it’s broke, let’s fix it” type of surgery. Now, however, I am suffering from a bulging disc between L4 & L3, something perhaps made more evident after the fusion. I have as an option another surgery, but am weighing the options of other spinal treatment, which includes chiropractic care. I had been seeing a chiropractor for a couple of years prior to fusion surgery, but was failing to get relief – something I think was corrected by diagnosis & surgery. Not to fault the chiropractor, but the “break” wasn’t going to get fixed through his care. Now, however, I feel that I can return and perhaps strengthen the back through chiro-care in an attempt to avoid surgery in the near future.

    I don’t know if all that makes sense, but your article helped me kind of see the benefits with both medicine and chiropractic care. thanks!

    • I appreciate the comments. This is exactly what I am talking about. You saw it intuitively, but we in the professions of medicine and chiropractic go about like chickens pecking at each others food with no regard for all the good we can do in our own yard. I think you got the essence of my comments exactly as intended. I will pray for you every time I see you post on Twitter, and look forward to meeting you again at NANC or February Conference.

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