Call for a Change in Chiropractic Treatment Nomenclature

Whereas:  Chiropractic has always claimed to treat the nervous system

Whereas:  Current leaders in Chiropractic have started the trend away from the orthopedic model of diagnosis, moving to a neurologic model

Whereas:  The current nomenclature for the application of chiropractic is still ‘bone based’

Therefore:  I propose a change from “C4, Spinous Left” to something that more reflects our base philosophy of care – “C4 nerve root left” or such.

I am hoping that I will stir up some thought on this.  Maybe someone else has already started the process…

EDIT:  This will involve the addition of a definition to the term ‘neurotome.’  The idea comes from the dermotome, or ‘section of skin’ relating to the sensory portion of the spinal nerves.  Neurotome will include the dermatome, but also will involve the efferent or motor components of the spinal level.

neurotome: (
1. a needlelike knife for dissecting nerves.
2. neuromere (syn)

Definition #3 for Neurotome:  the areas of the body (organs, skin, muscle, et al)
a) supplied with efferent nerve fibers by a single anterior spinal root
b) by afferent nerve fibers by a single posterior spinal root of the same level (aka dermatome)

obvious edits are expected.


2 thoughts on “Call for a Change in Chiropractic Treatment Nomenclature

  1. Let’s get this ball rolling. You’re talking Chiropractic Branding. There’s a huge disconnect between how we represent ourselves to the world and how we represent ourselves internally. Rock Star Branding is all about being congruent inside and outside.

    Good stuff doc.

    • Jason, I appreciate the quick and strong encouragement. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in Chiropractic, and the part that is missing seems to be what we write down that we do. Sure, we put force into a joint to move a bone to cause a more normal motion/position. Is that what we ‘do’ though? In my limited exposure, I see patients with extreme scoliosis functioning very well, while at the same time, someone with a ‘textbook’ perfect spine alignment, and good intersegmental motion is going down the crapper. Why? Bone-out-of-place? Bony-Philosophy-Subluxation? No. Nervous system interference.
      CLA (Patrick Gentempo) has been leading the charge (or so it seems to me) on the front end of the paradigm shift – the diagnosis change from bony to nervous. The insurance claim structure doesn’t need to be changed (they are really very generic, and deal with levels of the subluxation rather than the exact ‘bone’).
      To really affect the paradigm shift IN THE CHIROPRACTOR, we need to see that what we are doing is not bony in nature, it is much much much more powerful. The bone is, really, literally and figuratively, IN THE WAY.

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