Maintenance and Wellness care

Maintenance care, well, is maintenance – holding the status quo, not updating, not allowing to degrade, just holding the line.  The term just seems to be static, passive, and re-active.  Maintenance care is, by design, just the care given to keep a patient where they are, no better, no worse.  Usually, this level of care is given to patients after a series of treatments that have resulted in the complaint being resolved.  It is preventative in nature, design, and application.

Wellness care is pro-active, dynamic, anticipatory, and has as its goal ‘optimization’, not just keeping things at bay.  Wellness care is designed to actively and continually improve a patient’s health status, with the goal, as stated, to have all systems functioning at 100% capacity in their role.

Now, there is a case to be made for each of these types of care.  I just wanted to speak my piece on the difference, because there is a difference.  I do not accept that these two terms are synonyms, nor should they be.

Or am I just off my rocker and making ‘much ado about nothing?’  You decide for yourself.  As for me and my office, we choose to add Wellness to our care plans.

I am convinced Wellness Care is where Chiropractic excels.  Sure, we are masters at the acute, sub-acute, repair, remodel, strengthening and rehab phases of recovery.  No one beats us at the maintenance care level, either, on any metric.  However, let’s take the next step, to pro-active wellness care for the good of our patients and the future of our society.

I have a blog on the difference between the medical mind-set and the Chiropractic mind-set.  When you read that, you will see why I even mention it here.  It will NOT be what you expect, so I will challenge you to read it.

Thanks, I knew I could count on you.


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