What Chiropractic means to me.

I began my experience with Chiropractic in high school.  I was on the baseball team and over-swung at a high-fast one (ok, it wasn’t that fast, but it was high school).  My cousin’s father-in-law is a Chiropractor, and they deal with the spine, right, so mom and dad packed me into the station wagon and away we went.  Dr. McCann (Hoopeston, IL) treated me and I repaired quickly.

As I began my college studies, I was focused on becoming the best emergency room MD there was.  However, in my due-diligence research on the next step – medical school – I found many things I did not like.  Blood, stiff competition, drugs, and did I mention blood?  Anyway my search for my profession broadened.  My soon-to-be wife redirected me to Chiropractic and I began to see that all the things I liked about health care and wellness and helping people were right there, and there was no blood.

Chiropractic school taught me the basics, but they also focused on the ‘bone out of place’ model of chiropractic.  It really didn’t make sense, because, if all we fixed was a ‘bone out of place’ then we should be able to document that we put it back in place with x-ray.  They taught us that follow-up xrays were not acceptable because it took a long time for bones to shift.  WHAT???  total confusion from the academics in the school, but the professionals that made up the staff always pointed us to the true results – health, wellness, balance and restoration of the control system.

AHA!  That was it – the control system.  What we really do is remove interference with the master control system – the nervous system.  We are not ‘bone out of place’ or even ‘bone on a nerve’ specialists.  We are fine-tuners of the nervous system.

Now, we are really good at getting pressure off a nerve that is there from a bone that has a bad position.  Can we actually move that bone back into place?  Yes. No. Maybe. Sometimes.   Is that what alleviates the complaint?  No. Yes. Maybe. Sometimes.

What I believe actually alleviates ANY physical complaint is the control system saying “OK, we can handle this, all systems are functioning, we are ready to go.”

In future posts I will explore my thoughts on traditional medical care versus the role of Chiropractic in the disease/health/wellness model.

Where Chiropractic excels is taking the control system to the next level.  Instead of “all systems are functioning”, we want the control system to say “all systems are functioning well” and even “optimally” …. “holy cow, all systems cannot function any better than they are right now!”

That is what Chiropractic means to me…

Dr. Hoskins


One thought on “What Chiropractic means to me.

  1. Doc Hoskins… Let me be the first to comment here. So happy to see you’re making the effort to build a unique Rock Star Chiropractic Brand. The key is consistency and frequency. The more frequent and consistent you can distribute your Brand through articles here on your blog and through advertising, the more successful your efforts will be.

    Keep Rock’n my man and you’re doing Awesome.

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