The Importance of that little ‘O’ ring

Recently, I have been dealing with a continual problem with my steering wheel in my well-used Mercedes ML320.  I purposefully mention the make/model of my vehicle for this reason – they are EXTREMELY well made machines.  Mine has 275,000 miles, and is just getting started.

However, the rack & pinion needed replaced ( I believe from road damage ) as well as the power steering pump and reservoir.  Those components cost almost as much as the vehicle is worth, but Julie and I felt it was worth the expense to keep this mini-tank on the road and serving us and our family.

So, that $2500 spent, and what do I see when I get up in the morning?  ALL the fluid on the driveway.  Hmmm.  Call the shop that worked on it, and they said bring it in.  Cant seem to see where its leaking.  Fill it up and head to the office.  What do I see when I leave in the afternoon – a HUGE puddle of fluid under my truck.  

Come to find out, the ‘o’ ring between the pump and the reservoir was a little bit off.  All it took was a ‘good ‘o’ ring’ to fix the problem.  Cost: $0.05.  That nickle part kept the ENTIRE machine from working the way it was designed.  That nickle part, not aligned properly in its seat leaked the entire contents of the power steering system out.  That nickle part was as important, even more important, than the rest of the components in the sole function it was designed to do: keep the fluid IN the system.

Application for Everyone:  The little ‘o’ ring at the top of your spine has only one function – to keep your head straight on your body.  With that working properly, everything else can do its job.

Application for Chiropractors:  You may have a well oiled machine, the best in the business, but you are leaking out your life-blood because you have a faulty ‘o’rientation.  Fix that, and you begin to keep all those people in your system so that they get the maximum benefit of what you have to offer – LIFE expression to the fullest.


November 13, 2013 – Putting Rumors to Rest

It occurs to me that the definition of a rumor should be something like this : ‘a dash of truth boiled in a pot of speculation served with a heaping side of drama.’

I have been asked recently by a whole lot of people when and if and why I am moving my practice to Lafayette.

My two-part answer: I don’t know what you are talking about, and I don’t have any intention of moving my practice anywhere.

Now, the ‘dash of truth’ part.  I have been asked by at least 3 different, unrelated persons to open a satellite clinic, a ‘luncheon-walk-to’ clinic, in downtown Lafayette.  That is about as far as it goes, except that the idea does intrigue me, and I am doing research to see if it is even feasible.  If you don’t already pray for me, please do.  If you already pray for me, please continue, and add this to the list.  What I am finding out is that it would only enhance what is happening in Rossville – earlier hours and later hours.  I am also seeing a better stewardship of time with the possibility – that is going to change regardless.

So, now that you bothered to ask, you have the story to this point.  Where God takes me is His business.  As for me and my office, we choose to stay here as long as He sees fit – not a day less, not a day more.

Now — any more rumors or gossip you need to know about?

Looking Forward to 2014

It occurs to me…

Once upon a time I had a dream.  To be a small town doc, taking care of families for fair and reasonable fees.  For chickens, canned goods, and pies.  That dream has been fulfilled.  Tonight, we had chicken.  Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have been paid in canned goods, pies, cookies, bread, office supplies, and even a motorcycle.  I have been the ‘go to guy’ for families in Rossville.  And it IS good.

Now that that dream has been filled, what do I do now? The quick and easy answer is – start on the next one.

I have always seen my hand in raising up the next generation of chiropractors by giving them a place to learn and grow into the servants we all NEED to be.  The next step was blessed tonight at our Stewardship meeting by many of our key practice members.

I will begin the process of opening up another location to prepare the way for additional Chiropractors to grow into what I believe is the salvation of our nation’s health and wealth – competent, consistent, lifetime Chiropractic care from birth through the century of life and up until the grave.  All of this in an affordable, sustainable and logical model of delivery known as the membership practice.

And continue to serve where God has and is blessing me and my family.

Stay tuned…..

pureCHIROnow is staged and ready for for launch…..

The Weekend of August 4 2013

I contemplated changing the name of this post, as it may just look like a time-stamp.  However, what occurred on my travels and at conference this weekend are much more profound and important.  And yet, just a stepping stone on the road.

On Wednesday, I got to spend a lot of time on the campus of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC.  [I have adopted Sherman as my alma mater, as Logan has gone a different – much more allopathic/medical – direction.]  I had a primary reason and several secondary reasons to visit Sherman.  The primary, and obvious one, was to get more information on their note taking/subluxation determining procedure so I could tweak pureCHIROnotes for their use.  Got that done.  The secondary reasons: check out the campus for DCs-to-be and get a better feel for the energy that IS there; visit some local DCs that I know and love; and just prepare for a wonderful seminar in Atlanta.  To my surprise and thrill, I was asked to speak to brand new (in their 4th week of training) students.  I spent an hour talking about my story – the story YOU helped create – and my journey – the one YOU are helping me through.  It was glorious to share.

On Thursday, the seminar started with a special session on checking and adjusting babies (interesting, as I started writing this paragraph, a 4 1/2 week old interrupted my writing … from Washington state … to be a new client).  Wonderful time learning and reinforcing what I had already known, and already do.

The rest of the weekend was one of those events that I could spend reams of paper writing about and still not even touch what it was about – as words could never describe what was going on as we gathered as dedicated, serving, sharing, giving, loving Chiropractors.  I made deep, sincere connections with people I had never met before – in an instant.  I got to know heroes (silent as they are) in my profession.  I got to spend valuable time with Chiropractors that are blazing the trail I am on.

AND, then they asked me to share for 45 minutes from the stage.  WOW, what an honor.  The names [notable inside and out of my profession] that have been there on that stage is impressive, and they chose me to be part of that list.  And since it was Sunday, we all got a little bit of scripture 😉

Thank you, God, for blessing me abundantly in all these way.  Thank you, God for using me to point towards your Son.  Thank you.

Now, enough of this keyboard stuff — time to serve!!!

Average is not normal, and shouldn’t be…ever …

I’m sorry, Johnny, your test scores are too far away from the average. You are not a normal student, so we are going to have to adjust something in you to make you normal.

I’m sorry for you, Susie, your baby is too far away from the average (height, weight, whatever measurement you want), while extremely healthy in all respects, they are not normal, so we are going to have to fix that.

I’m sorry, Tom, your income is way too far away from the average.  We are going to ‘normalize’ you.

Far too many measurements we have in our culture are based upon averages of a select group of people.  Take the 120/80 blood preasure ‘normal’.  It is based upon a study of 18 to 21 year old college football athletes (all male) in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  Their ‘average’ blood pressure was 120/80.  Sure some were higher, some were lower, but that was the published average.  Now it is the ‘normal’ reading.  WHAT???

What about blood sugar levels, or blood cholesterol, or lipoproteins, or hair follicles, or height, or weight, or BMI, or whatever.  AVERAGE is NEVER normal, EVER.  All I am calling for here is for all of us to T H I N K.

I’m sorry, Albert Einstein, your intelligence is so very far away from average, we are going to institutionalize you because you are not normal.  And you, Thomas Edison, and you, George Washington, and you Nikola Tesla, and you…..

Chiropractic Creed — stage 1

The Hoskins Chiropractic Creed:

  • I believe that the body was created with the ability to heal itself.
  • I believe that the body controls all operations through the nervous system.
  • I believe that when the messages are interfered with, nothing good can happen.
  • I believe these interferences happen daily, constantly, and can accumulate over time.
  • I believe that Chiropractic is the ONLY way to detect and help the body remove these interferences on an on-going life-time basis.

Jan 31, 2013

It occurs to me…

The more we try to change someone, the more they resist.  This would include me trying to change me.

We must lead the way and let them follow at their own pace, in their own time.  We must be persistent in creating the environment for change, in provoding the ingredients for change and clear in giving the instructions for change.  They must chose if, when and how fast the process moves along.

This includes me trying to change me.

I must put myself in the right places, thinking the right thoughts, reading the right books, and hanging around the right people.  I must work hard at removing things, sights, situations, and people that sabotage the effort.  Then, when I am ready, I can change.

Wait…it just occurred to me…setting the stage for my changing IS the change I was hoping to achieve….interesting.